In order for the papers to appear in the conference proceedings, authors must register by May 19, 2020. A non-refundable conference full registration is required for each accepted paper. Other participants can register within June 15, 2020.

To encourage the participation to this year’s edition, which is going to be held online due to COVID-19, the committee has decided to offer a free registration to students. The registration is compulsory even for free registrations. Unregistered participants will not be able to access the online presentations and the live online discussions.

Please consider the following indications

  • One “IEEE Full” or “Non-IEEE Full” registration is required for each accepted paper.
  • Options “IEEE” and “Non-IEEE” are for non-student attendees and non-student paper authors for which a co-author registers at full rate.
  • Registration for students, panelists and keynote speakers, though complimentary, is required.
  • A student who is the only registered author of his/her paper must opt for either “IEEE Full” or “Non-IEEE Full” registration, depending on whether he/she is an IEEE member or not.

To perform the registration and the payment, two alternatives are possible:

  1. To pay with credit card: Fill the online form at the end of the page. After submitting your data, the Nexi payment form will appear. Insert payment and credit card details and submit the payment. Upon reception of the payment, the system will send the payment code to the attendee.
  2. To pay via wire transfer: Fill this Word form (click here for the PDF version) and send it to Nunzia Ristaldi. The CNIT office will then issue the invoice for your administration and, after receiving the payment, will send to the attendee the payment code.

In both cases, if you choose “Private invoice”, your personal home address is required to prepare the invoice. In addition, the committee will ship the conference gadget to paying participant at the specified address. If you choose “Institution invoice” and a non-free registration, please specify your personal home address in the “Other information” field to enable the committee to correctly ship the conference gadget to you. If you are providing the email of your institution for billing purposes, please specify your personal email address in the “Other information” field, together with your personal address. The personal email address will be used by the committee to contact registered attendees with updates concerning the live conference.

Registration fees are listed in the following table:

Conference registration Registration fee Notes
IEEE Full 250€ Access to all recorded presentations and live events
Non-IEEE Full 300€ Access to all recorded presentations and live events
IEEE 25€ Access to all recorded presentations and live events
Non-IEEE 30€ Access to all recorded presentations and live events
Student Complimentary Access to all recorded presentations and live events
Keynotes and panel Complimentary Registration for panelists and keynote speakers only

Please fill the following form and click on “Submit” to perform the registration and to perform the payment: